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Massage therapies
Back, neck and shoulder massage 30 min.
A short massage to escape the daily stress.
€ 35,-
Full back massage 45 min.

During this massage the focus is on the back and the backside of the legs. This treatment is very efficient if you suffer from ”heavy” legs.

€ 47,50
Full body massage 60 min.

Your entire body will be treated with this massage, so you can relax optimally. We use various massage techniques that can be adjusted as desired.

€ 65,-
Pregnancy- full body massage 50 min.

With this massage you can take a moment for yourself to relax during pregnancy. First we massage the back while you lie on your side. We skip the backside of the legs so you can lie comfortably on your back again. Than we massage the legs, arms, neck, shoulder and scalp.

Chakra massage 75 min.

During this treatment we will use a slow deep tissue massage on the back and an extensive foot massage. A short facial massage is also performed during this treatment.

€ 82,50
Stress-fix massage 90 min.

During this massage we will use the stress-fix aroma, a mixture of lavender, lavendin and muscat sage. This aroma has been clinically proven to reduce stress, It is a combination massage which consists of the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and pressure points over the entire body.


€ 97,50