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Mani- & pedicure

Lac Sensation by Alessandro

Beautifully varnished natural nails, can be kept for 2 to 3 weeks! Your natural nail will be hard, strong and not damaged by the gellack. A wide selection of colors ensures that your hands are a pleasure to look at.


Beautiful nails for all occasions holds up to ten days or longer and is the first and so far only Peel-Off UV / LED nail polish that can be completely removed from the nail using the peel off activator.


During these relaxing treatment, we remove the calluses and take care of the nails. You can choose for a pedicure with gellack, with or without nailpolish.  It’s just what you prefer on your toenails. Gellack is ideal for the holidays because everybody wants nicely groomed toenails on the beach.



Lac Sensation
Lac Sensation included manicure.

Remove cuticle, filing, nailpolish, handscrub, massage with handcream.

€ 55,-
Lac sensation
Remove cuticle, filing and nailpolish.
€ 40,-
Lac sensation remove€ 10,-
Filing, remove cuticle and nailpolish
€ 30,-
Striplack manicure
Filing, remove cuticle, nailpolish, handscrub and massage with handcream
€ 45,-
Striplack self service
Self service with demonstration of 1 nail
€ 15,-
Filing, remove cuticle, handscrub, handmassage and nailpolish
€ 32,50
Nail polish
without removing cuticle and filing
€ 15,-
Complete treatment
footbath, cutting nails, remove cuticle, remove calluses, footmassage.
€ 39,95
Complete treatment with nailpolish
You receive the nailpolish 
€ 45,-
complete treatment with Lac Sensation€ 65,-