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Hair care,
becomes hair art in our salon. Every client receives a haircut that reinforces their own personality and, together with make-up and clothing, forms a unique personal appearance. You can contact us for the latest trends or just a regular coupe, a relaxing scalp massage, color advice, styling, a permanent / wave and of course classic shaving. We also have an ammonia, alcohol and peroxide free color gloss. This is the cellophanes coloring of Sebastian. Cellophanes is a hair-friendly color gloss. As well as heightening the reflectivity of each strand, Cellophanes strengthens hair, preserves natural moisture balance and protects against UV. Glossy, translucent color means stronger, healthier looking hair.

Ladies wash/cut/dry

Advice, scalp massage incl. use of products

 € 49
Ladies wash/cut/blow dry
Advice, scalp massage incl. use of products
 € 61
Ladies wash/cut/blow dry long hair
Advice, scalp massage incl. use of products
 € 66
Men wash/cut/blow dry
Advice, scalp massage incl. use of products
 € 42
Student wash/cut/dry
Advice, incl. use of products
Ladies €37
Gentlemen €34
Children < 12€ 25,-
Children 12/16 years€27,-
Bang trim€ 7,50
Hair mask€ 17,-
Intensive hair mask€ 25,-
Scalp Massage€ 10,-
Dermabrassie treatment Nioxin€ 30,-
Wash & Blow dry
Wash & dry€ 12,-
Wash & blow dry€ 30,-
Wash & blow dry long hair€ 34,-
Wash & blow dry extra long hair€ 42,-
Hair updo 30 minutes€ 39,-
Hair updo 60 minutes€ 49,-
Hair coloring
Color rinse€ 57,-
Hair dye€ 55,-
Partial coloring€ 35,-
Coupe soleil comb from€ 52,-
Foil coloring from€ 80,-
Cellophanes from€ 49,-
Perm from€ 50,-
Keratin treatment from€ 225,-
Hair extensions from€ 105,-
Classic shaving
Classic shaving is shaving with an open razor. In combination with the best shaving creams and skin care products, classic shaving provides a smooth, soft and hygienic result. When your beard is trimmed / shaved you’re not only looking better but also reduce the risk of skin irritations. Before the shaving treatment, the type of beard, the type of hair and the direction of growth will be checked. This will be used to decide which treatment suits you the best.
The Dutch shave 
Inzepen , warme handdoek, 1 keer scheren, warme handdoek  aftershave balm en een cologne. (geschikt voor de lichtere baard)
 € 25,-
The Italian shave
Dezelfde behandeling als bij de Dutch shave alleen tijdens deze behandeling word u 2x geschoren.   (geschikt voor de zwaardere baard)
 € 30,-
The Royal shave
U word 2 x ingezeept en u krijgt een heerlijke gezichtsmasker en als afsluiting een koude handdoek om het gezicht weer te laten stralen. Verder zijn alle handelingen hetzelfde als de Dutch shave
 € 35,-
 Cutting and the dutch shave € 55,-