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Eyelash Extensions

Finding the best way to raise your eyes, and brighten your eyes is very much sought after by many women. The makeup lovers in particular. Some do not find the appropriate mascara, and disillusioned promises of some brands that do not bring the desired effect. Others would simply want to get rid of makeup stress every morning. If you are in any of these cases, know that an alternative to make up has been developing with great success in recent years: eyelash extension, which attracts more and more women. We propose today to discover everything you need to know about this new beauty ractice.

Beautiful eyes at every moment of the day. The principle of eyelash extension is to put artificial eyelashes on your own eyelashes. Like the hair extension, the length of the eyelashes is larger than the original length. Longer, denser, more provided, or even darker, they will help strengthen the look. The pose is done using a simple, safe technique: we put the synthetic lashes one by one on your eyelashes, using a medical glue, used by surgeons to sew wounds. This glue is applied only on the eyelashes, and never comes into contact with the skin.
The extensions are designed to perfectly match the curve of your eyelashes, and offer a totally natural look. The treatment is completely painless and sublimates the look, with ease and comfort.
Misencil Lashes are made of high quality polyester and silk, making them barely distinguishable from real hair. Misencil eyelash extensions are light, flexible and beautifully finished. Our range contains a wide selection of eyelash extensions. This allows us to create any desired look for you.

Safety: Quality, hygiene and safety are top priority at House of Graces. On average 10% of all women suffer from (allergic) reactions or light sensitivities to the eye and / or skin; with Misencil products that is only 1%. The chance of an allergic reaction with Misencil adhesive is minimal.

Care: This is essential to enjoy your lashes for as long as possible. The care for this already starts with the treatment where we carefully clean the natural eyelashes and eyelids with Misencil Eyelash shampoo. At home you can provide the lashes with an extensive range of cleaning and care products. This way you can enjoy the eyelashes longer.

Important: Do not rub your eyes, do not pull off the extension even if it seems to be loose.Remove your eyelash extensions by the specialist, do not do this by yourself!

New set one by one Misencil€ 120,-
Fill up within 2 weeks€ 47,50
Fill up within 3 weeks€ 57,50
Fill up within 4 weeks€ 67,50
Remove€  22,50
After 4 weeks the price of a new set will be charged
Lash lift including eyelash dye€61,-

Do’s and dont’s
You can no longer use oil-based eye cleaning products, this affects the adhesive. Eyelash extensions fall out faster if you swim often or visit the sauna. A coating protects the glue of the eyelash extensions against dirt and grease.
The glue needs a few hours to harden completely.
Eyelash extensions that have just been applied may not get wet for 24 hours.
While sleeping, the eyelash extensions can become crooked, brush the eyelashes regularly with the (free) brush.
An eyelash curler is not recommended to use with eyelash extensions.