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Nut seed pigment from Brazil, cinnamon from India, roses from Russia: these pure natural products are used for the Aveda colors for the face, eyes and lips. Discover shades as subtle as illumination eyeshadow, as earthy as morena lip color gloss, as vivid as poppy nourish-mint smoothing lipcolor. Colors that reflect the wonderful color palette of nature and are incorporated
into formulas that really take care of you. Vitamins fight harmful external influences. Hydrate
vegetable, nourishing ingredients. The Aveda difference: they have chosen some ingredients to support local people anywhere in the world. Most colors of the lip colors contain meadowfoam seed from Oregon, where this seed is grown, to prevent erosion of the soil. Of course you can always be advised and try out the make-up colors in our salon.

The latest innovation in the field of keratin treatments.
The Pure Renewal Plus keratin treatment is the latest keratin treatment, which makes your hair shiny, lint-free and smoother for months,but with the same formula you can also opt for curl retention (but less fluff and more shine). The treatments of Keratherapy do not break the sulfur bridges and therefore do not have to grow out. Unfortunately, the effects of keratin treatment wear out of your hair after months.
For thePure Renewal Plus treatment you can now contact us!



Misencil Eyelash Extensions are self developed and are made by hand from high quality plastic and silk, making them barely distinguishable from real hair. Misencil eyelash extensions are light, flexible, heat resistant and beautifully finished. The perforated base, combined with the unique quality Misencil glue, ensures a perfect quick attachment of the extension.


Misencil’s unique properties.

  • the Only quality brand in the market, since 14 years.
  • Own Misencil Academies in Paris, Montreal and Rome.
  • Active in 40 countries, more than 10,000 salons worldwide.
  • Developed and produced in Canada.
  • Extensions made manually from high-quality polyester and silk.
  • Best and fastest drying adhesives: 1 second.
  • After 2h waterproof (showering / swimming) and not harmful to the human eye.
  • All Misencil products are completely safe and not tested on animals.
  • Products meets all strict hygiene & safety approvals for EU, USA (FDA) and Canada.



From April 2018 a new collaboration has started with Cosmetique Totale and House of Graces. Cosmetique Totaal works with medical specialists who work with the most advanced laser methods. They have various treatments of: Acne / acne scars, Final hair removal, Couperose, Pigment stains, Age spots, Skin rejuvenation / wrinkle treatment Skin tightening, Scar treatment, Nails. From 7 May 2018 a skin therapist from Cosmetique Totale will come along to give

treatments every 6 weeks. For more information, please visit their website:

Over ons

Acne / acne littekens
Definitief ontharen
Huidverjonging / Rimpelbehandeling

Vanaf 7 mei komt er elke 6 weken een huidtherapeut van Cosmetique Totale langs om behandelingen te geven.

Voor meer informatie kunt u terecht op hun website :