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What is a Hammam?

The hammam, also known as the Turkish hammam or Turkish bath, is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna.The hammam is one of the oldest cleaning traditions in the world. This authentic steam experience from the middle east cleans both body and soul and inspired us to combine it with delicious luxury treatments.

The Turkish Hammam.

The Turkish Hammam is essentially different from the sauna culture as we know it in the Netherlands. The Hammam is not a sauna but a steam bath, which is very humid. Where the sauna reaches an air humidity of 10% to 20%, the Hammam quickly rises to 98%. Although the temperature in a sauna is often higher (70 ° C to 100 ° C), a steam bath (around 50 ° C) feels hotter.

What do you do in a Hammam?

Upon arrival you will be escorted to the dressing room. There is a bathrobe ready for you. First you can take a seat in the steam bath. This is to open the pores of the skin, and to “soak” your body. Then you will be scrubbed with a glove of braided horsehair or with specially developed scrub salt. It just depends on which treatment you have chosen. If you have opted for the foam-or the relax treatment, you will receive a delicious soap massage after the scrub. With the aid of an air pocket you are richly buried under foam bubbles that will relax body and mind.

What is private Hammam?

Visit the Hammam to purify your body and clean it thoroughly. Imagine yourself in the Oriental spheres of House of Graces and enjoy the Hammam cleansing ritual. Our specially trained team will carry out the treatments entirely professionally.

Our Hammam is completely private. We can receive up to 8 people at the same time in the hammam. All our treatments include bathrobe, towels and care products from our salon. You only need to bring your own slippers. Swimwear bottom part is required.

  1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Hammam.
  2. Minimum age for the Hammam is 12 years.
  3. Young children from the age of 3 are only allowed to enter the Hammam under supervision.
  4. Wearing swimwear is mandatory for hygienic reasons.
  5. Taking care of personal hygiene such as tooth brushing and shaving should be done at home
    and is not allowed in the Hammam.
  6. During your menstrual period, it is not desirable for hygienic reasons to visit the Hammam.
  7. It is required to use a towel for all treatments. Use the towel to prevent skin contact with sitting and lying occasions.
  8. To ensure the privacy of all our guests, it is not allowed to take photos and / or film.
  9. Silence is greatly appreciated in the facilities.
  10. When using our facilities, you declare that you agree with our house rules.
Hammam entrance€ 29,00 p.p.
Hammam ritual  30 minutes
Steam bath
Body scrub with special scrub salt € 59 ,-
Fresh mint tea
Hammam foam treatment 45 minutes
Steam bath
Body scrub
Full body soap massage
Fresh mint tea€ 79,-
Hammam relax treatment 60 minutes
Steam bath
Body scrub
Full body soap massage
Scalp massage
Fresh mint tea€ 89,-
Mother and daughter package 120 minutes
Welcome with coffee or tea
Steam bath
Body scrub
Facial treatment 60 minutes
Body wrap
Fresh mint tea and snacks € 125,35 p.p
House of Graces Royal treatment 240 minutes
Welcome with coffee or tea
Steam bath
Hammam soap massage 60 minutes
Facial treatment 60 minutes
Body wrap
Hair will be washed and dried
Included lunch or snacks€192,45
Please note that we only have one treatment stone, this means that the duo Hammam treatments are alternately.